Why do I need a Sales Playbook?

In our experience, due to the historical lack of rigour and foundations across most sales functions, organisations find it hard to scale their sales teams effectively. Creating a Sales Playbook would provide structure and clarity for what is required to execute the sales strategy effectively.


What are the primary deliverables?

  • A defined sales process including activities at each stage linked to the buyer’s journey
  • The roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in the sales process
  • Identification of the customer buying cycles, outlining approaches to the relevant buying personas
  • Identification of ideal client characteristics and profiles
  • Key messaging around the unique value proposition of your offering
  • Core competencies and leadership framework for effective management
  • Sales Guide – frameworks that ensure the right skills are being developed across the firm


What are the expected benefits?

  • Business sustainability and scalability
  • Improved ramp-up time of new recruits
  • Internal engagement and mindset shift through workshops
  • Continuity of approach and language across the business
  • Increase in efficiency (productivity) and effectiveness through a clearly defined process
  • Improvement of sales performance through the use of a leadership tool

How would we build a sales playbook?

  • Workshops with key stakeholders and influencers
  • Follow up sessions with playbook ambassadors and relevant individuals
  • Continuous feedback and co-creation
  • Documenting of current best practice and success stories
  • Adoption and refinement of relevant existing material to fit into processes, structure and methodology
  • Launch and handover to the team and the internally elected ambassador

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