We deploy a 3 stage methodology to orchestrate change – Consult, Create & Embed. This approach allows SBR to help our clients move towards truly embedded sales behaviours and improve performance from leaders and salespeople alike.

Consulting is a thorough analysis and understanding of your organisations sales capability, i.e. review of sales strategy, value propositions, sales process and tools. We provide feedback and recommend areas for improvements, i.e. working with Sales Directors / MD’s to establish the correct methodologies, KPIs, strategy, etc.

  • Review of current processes in place to capture best practice
  • Build an understanding of the skills, systems and motivation
  • Provide recommendations & project blueprint
  • Benchmark against industry leading best practices
  • Gain buy-in


How we engage in the consulting process

We spend time with sales individuals in live situations, and understand their perception to ensure the programme lands effectively.

This initial engagement includes shadowing client interactions and conducting semi-structured interviews.

Along with ensuring there is engagement with the team, we also come back with any immediate recommendations to help with the change programme.

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