If you want to elevate your teams’ sales potential and create successful sales habits, then this course is a must.


What will delegates take away from the course?

At the end of the course, attendees will have understood and learnt the right habits in order to win new business. The course addresses skills, sales motivation and systems to ensure that attendees:

  • Learn how to create ‘Buying Atmosphere’ Vs ‘Selling Atmosphere’
  • Understand how to ‘Engineer the Vision’ of clients as to why they should buy your offering
  • Identify buying signs
  • Learn how to move a prospect to action
  • Understand behavioural styles and how to adapt to these
  • Learn the formula for sales success
  • Increase their confidence and desire to sell

As expert sales trainers, we share with all course attendees our unique Consultative Sales Methodology – Q.U.I.S Selling.


Who will benefit?

If you are a business with a small sales team and you want to make sure they have access to the best sales training, then this course will not only ensure you have a highly effective sales function but will also deliver measurable results.


How does this course work?

Our High Performance Sales course typically comprises of 4-10 delegates, from 3-4 companies. It is a 3 day course which consists of a 2-day workshop, followed (approximately 4 weeks later) by a 3rd full day of training, including a review session.


When and where?

We hold these every quarter at our Blackfriars, London HQ. Get in touch below to find out the date of the next course.



£1500 + VAT per delegate (includes workbook and catering. Discounts are offered for larger bookings).


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