Embedding Behavioural Change: maximising ROI on your development initiatives

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Question: If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to see it, does it make a sound?


Frankly who cares! Of more importance is the question: if you invest in training your people and there is no observational coaching to support it being embedded and habitualised, will there be any ROI? I think we can agree that the answer is: probably not.

In a previous blog post (The Power of Consequence for Sales and Service), I referenced a live customer example that had been sent to me by a manager who had observed a specific behaviour being implemented by one of his team. I loved receiving that message because it told me that the right things were happening to embed learning. People were being watched and coached and, critically, they were catching things that were being done correctly by team members as specified by a clearly defined behavioural framework.

So many of the projects that I have been working on with clients looking to address challenges like: decreasing revenues, poor rep attainment, high churn, poor customer satisfaction scores, have resulted in SBR Consulting working with the client to develop and implement a coaching capability and culture, where prior to that a vacuum had existed where inspirational leadership should have been in place.

I am combining coaching and inspirational leadership here intentionally, as people aren’t inspired by leaders who sit behind their desks playing with figures and data. People are inspired by leaders who get out of their offices and into live customer situations and who are able to let their ego go and give their people the opportunity to lead meetings so that they can provide constructive feedback that helps them to grow.

Call to action:

  • Have you identified the behaviours that your best people employ to drive success?

  • Are you using that framework as the basis to observe your people in order to catch them doing things right and to provide them with insight into 2-3 things that they could be doing to move from good to great?

Research shows that when training is complemented by in-field coaching and reinforcement, productivity is quadrupled, from 22% to 88% citing the Corporate Executive Board.

Alan Morton, Senior Partner

SBR Consulting

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