David is a Director with strong expertise across sales performance in the key areas of process, skills, motivation and management. He is a very knowledgeable professional who has worked for a number of large and small companies.

He achieved an MBA at City University and has a significant track record in companies such as Avis Rent-a-car, Wilkinson Sword, Honeywell/Bull, Sequent and Candle (both acquired by IBM). David’s approach is collaborative and coaching based and he is a very positive and capable mentor to individuals and teams. His ability to see the big picture but at the same time find pragmatic solutions to immediate needs has enabled him to help his clients both in the long and short term.

Sustainability-of-sales-success is a phrase David believes in and it underpins his approach. He is driven by client success both during and after an assignment. David’s assessment of the sales-maturity of an organisation or team during the research and consult phase allows a tailored, “just-enough” approach to the introduction of new methods, tools, training and processes. In this way he builds on what is working well and introduces new approaches as appropriate to the culture and environment. A true professional and team player, David’s successful track record during his career and as a consultant has brought measurable benefits to his clients.

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