Introducing a structured approach to business development in a technical environment.


There are countless examples of projects from £20,000 to £500,000+ that have been won by Arup consultants at different grades, all based on a much more proactive mindset and skill level at consultative selling.

There is now a cross company culture around the importance of sales and Arup consultants have developed a conscious competency around sales methodology and skills.

Arup now have sales pipelines that are being maintained, and forecasting is therefore much more accurate within the individual practices.

Overall there has been a large increase in sales activity across all consulting grades.

“The financial benefits of SBR Consulting’s programme were very clear to us. We were selecting our opportunities better. We were managing our pipeline more efficiently. Our conversion rates had clearly improved and overall the cost of sales were reducing. We were winning more for less.” – Matt Bythell, Head of Marketing

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